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Gifts from the Heart

All girls deserve a full and happy life with an education. Girls in rural Kenya, an area plagued with abject poverty and drought, often are traded as child brides for a dowry of livestock. Girls who refuse forced marriage and the painful procedure of FGM, a traditional rite of passage, find sanctuary in the Pokot Kenyan Methodist Church where they are safe to continue their schooling.

The Kenyan Methodist Women are now working to build a shelter to give these girls a safe place to live and go to school in a supportive community. The sustainable shelter with 44 beds, a kitchen, clinic, library, chapel and security fence will be built on 40 acres of the church grounds.

Funds given in your honor will help build

The Jerri Savuto Rescue Center
in memory of our friend, Jerri, a North Texas missionary and UMW member who gave many years of loving service in rural Kenya.

Gifts From the Heart

is a mission project of the Bold Women of

Lovers Lane, a unit of United Methodist Women.

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