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How to Participate:

It’s simple! Kindly complete the application in full and submit along with the $25 deposit. All applicants must submit the required photo(s) regardless of past participation. 


Our deadline was August 1st. However, if you would like to be considered for any cancellations, please apply using the attached form. Your application fee will be returned if space does not become available.


Application does not ensure acceptance. We receive far more applications than we are able to accommodate each year. Early application is encouraged and may affect acceptance.

In addition to the booth fee, each vendor is asked to contribute an item valued at a minimum of $25 to be used as a door prize or as part of our silent auction.

Lovers Lane Marketplace is a juried show. We have developed an excellent reputation during the past 28 years for presenting items that are not commonly found in a retail store. We have a long-standing policy to not accept Multilevel and/or Direct Marketing companies.

2023 Application
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All applicants must submit a photo(s) of the product to be sold, including those who have participated in our show in prior years.  The quality of the actual inventory must be equal to the items considered with the application.  

Vendors are solely responsible for the collection and payment of any and all applicable sales tax on their goods sold.  Food vendors must abide by all applicable State of Texas rules and be registered under the Cottage Law or licensed as a Food Manufacturer.  Lovers Lane Marketplace assumes no responsibility for any vendor violation of required federal, state, county or city laws or codes.

Lovers Lane Marketplace will not be responsible for collecting payment, nor will we ship any goods for vendors.​

The Lovers Lane United Methodist Women Marketplace Board is the final authority for all Marketplace policies and reserves the right to accept or reject any application.  Any vendor who violates the guidelines will be required to correct those violations immediately and may not be permitted to participate in future Marketplaces. 

Thanks for submitting!

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